I know, I know, ya’ll must think I’m crazy posting this Florida yard rubbish of a rusted 1985 Ford Tempo LX sedan but there’s something quite unique to this car, it has one of Ford’s last diesel offerings in a compact car in the 80’s and might actually be one of the last ones in existence!


Ford released the Tempo in 1984 and while the standard engine was an inline (HSC-I4) 2.3L carbureted engine, its other option was a 2.0L Mazda RF-I4(inline) diesel engine. It wasn’t very popular but at this time Ford was dotting its I’s and crossing its t’s in case another fuel crisis came about.


The Ford Tempo was a huge sales success for Ford. A top-ten best selling car in the USA and throughout the 80’s. By the time the second generation came about in 1988, the diesel engine was eliminated and sales of the Tempo would continue to under sell all of the first generation amounts until Ford yanked the Tempo and its brother car the Mercury Topaz in 1994.


Talking in terms of this Tempo, overall, there’s not many of these first generation Tempo’s out there, the coups being more rare but this is an LX that debuted in 1986 and it has the diesel! The sad part is that the seller lost the title. This car would be a good contestant for an engine swap if you have an other Tempo. There’s some decent parts that could be used from this also, so for $700 is it worth it? I think the diesel engine alone would prove its worth if it runs.





Cream colored 1977 Ford Maverick sedan found in Jacksonville, Florida with a pretty tempting price of only $2450.


It’s an automatic and the seller goes on to state that it’s a slant six, however it’s an inline six, a 250 cu in (4.1 L) engine to be exact and all parts appear to be original too!


Ford offered the Maverick from 1970-77 in the USA (’73-’79 for Brazil) and this one comes with AC and power steering.


From what we can see of the outside, the car truly looks amazing and for a car that was conceived as an import fighter against the smaller Japanese rivals, it’s still rather larger then most Japanese cars that were offered in the 70’s.



The interior is one of Ford’s standard 70’s red interiors that could be found in everything from its Pintos to Fairmonts. The front leather seat looks very boring IMHO while the rear at least has a nice texture on it.


For $2450, if it runs and drives as well as promised in the ad then this is truly a great deal.



I found a nice 1974 Plymouth Duster for a fair asking price of $3000, here’s the ad:

“This is a Plymouth Gold Duster, it’s got a slant Six with the Super Six intake manifold and a new dual exhaust. The interior is pretty good, dash is cracked and like most old cars the gauges don’t work except for the AMP meter which does. Power steering works good, manual drum brakes works as good as you’d expect. It’s a good reliable car that drove to Tallahassee from Daytona a few months ago.”


The interior is in great looking shape and the leathers are well preserved.





There is some rust under the engine but the firewall looks pretty good.




Some rust on the trunk floor which I’m hoping isn’t a sign of what’s under the car.


So there is at least one body hole that we can see and the rust around the window would need to be treated before it gets any worst.



For 3K, I’d be looking for some wiggle room in the price. It is the middle of tax season so sellers are holding out for the better dollar this time of year but perhaps the seller would take $2500. This of course is without saying that the car actually runs and drives.



Just how rare is this ’79 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon? According to the seller, whose asking a mere $750 for it, says it’s the cream of the crop; here’s the ad:

“This is a ….RARE…car……. This car was ordered by and older gentleman…….He put almost every Option that you could put on this car EXCEPT a sun roof.. It has Power steering,Power brakes Power windows, tach and gauges, Factory Bucket seats( In a 4 door seden),ever seen that befure??? it has rear window defrost,clothes seats power driver seat, and ect..ect…….But the rarest item ordered on this car is………..READY…….. It has a Factory. 5 speed trans and small 260 olds V8…..I am willing to bet that there is not another car like this!!!! It is loaded…….Now the bad news I don’t want to but I am having to sell this car …….I have 850.00 in the car andI will take $750.00 That is a firm price…..I was going to strip the car when i found a good 2dr body for it.”


These Salon’s were made on the last few years of the A body for their entire existence, 1979-81.



A five-speed on this car would surely add that extra fun factor to it!


Sadly, the seats have been worn out well and good from constant Florida sun. Note the ashtray’s still on the back seats in these chain smoking years.




The steering wheel appears to be in great shape for its age and the dashboard does seem to be all intact; basic and clean design from GM.




IMHO, I think the body is far from repair and finding replacement parts will be next to impossible. The undercarriage has a bit of rust from what we can see and the interior is also another story with its faded seats and junk carpet. Yes, I love this style of car in the last two years of the A body and it breaks my heart to know this will most likely be crushed up soon.

1983 Datsun Sentra


$700, runs, drives, AC works and a Florida vehicle.


By 1986 the Nissan would phase out the Datsun name all together. I remember seeing Datsun’s in ’83 and ’84 and on the back of the cars would be two name plates, “Datsun” “Nissan”.

Powered by an Inline 4 engine, most likely a manual 4 or 5 speed transmission but the seller failed to mention if it is or not.


This appears to be an original paint color but I don’t believe the pin striping is which makes me think neither is the paint since it’s too perfect and most likely repainted close to the original.



This canary yellow ’77 Plymouth Volare “runs and drives excellent” according to the seller’s notes.


This one, like most, comes with the Slant six engine; trusted, reliable and much like the Straight six, can run forever.


$1500 is all the seller is looking for one this one and it’s a steal if it runs and drives like he says.


I know several of you faithful Paper Smog readers love the Volare here and this is truly the best one I’ve found for this price since I started this blog in 2012.






1985 Pontiac Sunbird for $800 obo found in the wild but it’s not getting any spark at the moment.




This wagon was related to the Chevy Cavalier, Buick Skyhawk and my favorite, the Oldsmobile Firenza Cruiser. All three were micro wagons with their noses being the main difference to each car and some interior cosmetics too. These models on GM’s J-body platform ran from ’82-’88 and the tiny wagons themselves would continue til they ended production of these models all together in 1994.

These cars were powered by various engines over the years but they were all inline 4s and available in 3-speed automatic or 4-speed manual transmission.

I’m not sure if I see these wagons going up in price til they hit 40 years or so but finding one that’s road worthy now is quite hard.